Colorado ASDA Summer Pre-Dental Academy 2017

So my pre-dental-centered advice blogs are being published at a rather inopportune time, since the AADSAS application for the 2017-18 cycle opened, like last week. Oops. This isn’t entirely unfounded, though, I am mainly writing the series as a resource to withstand longer than just a single cycle and as a supplement to the Summer Pre-Dental Academy (see below).

Summer of 2014, I caught wind of a series of events University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine was holding – a Summer Pre-Dental Academy. The event was put on by a then-DS2 and now recent graduate of the school, Kyle L. Back then, the Academy was an eight-week series of lectures every Saturday and I really looked forward to flexing my chops at drilling and filling basic class I’s on #19. But being the weasel I was (and still am), I wanted to get in with current students, picking their brains on the application, the DAT, and the curriculum itself.

1517614_1454631734760783_62786714_n.jpgLook what we found in the ASDA pre-dental archives (2014). Issa me (far right)! Issa Lynn (Colorado ASDA’s Vice President-Elect second from the left)!
Photo courtesy of Ryan Gonzales (now DDS)

At that time, I hadn’t yet taken by DAT and regularly shadowing local dentists. I dabbled, here and there – the fire hadn’t been lit beneath me just yet. Kyle’s presentations, which ranged anywhere from preparation for the DAT’S PAT to dental anatomy inspired my aspirations to dentistry. I single-handedly owe it to this program in making my ultimate choice to attend the University of Colorado.

DSB101, as Kyle called it, presented me with the information I need to pen my personal statement, organize my DAT study schedule, and figure out the logistical nightmare that is AADSAS application. I am proud to call myself a product of the Colorado ASDA Summer Pre-Dental Academy and am even prouder to now help run it with my friend, Jamie M., a current DS2.

This summer, the Academy will run for four Saturdays in July (makes it easier to attend all of sessions, right?) and will cost a total of $90.67 (not-round number due to Eventbrite fees ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Breakfast is included so even if you wind up hating dentistry because of us you’ll get four ~$22 Panera meals out of it.

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Featured image is Jordan D., former Colorado ASDA Pre-Dental Chair