AADSAS Education Section – Transcript Matching

Submitting the AADSAS application and designating which dental schools will be lucky enough to read your application is a game of time. Admissions are rolling so applications submitted earlier will be read ahead of those submitted later. Though it varies by school, I’ve called around and confirmed that many schools read applications in waves, though the exact timeframe of each wave cannot be divulged – so APPLY EARLY.

I recognize this post is coming late, but I hope those of you that are reading and following along might benefit.

My suggestion: When the AADSAS opens (like tomorrow!), immediately print off your transcript matching forms. They should look very similar to the photo I have of the TMDSAS transcript matching form below. Remember, you cannot do this in advance of June 1st, as you will not have your AADSAS or TMDSAS ID – sorry, you cannot use my sample! Colleges/universities differ on how official transcripts must be obtained. I suggest you research this before June 1st and BUDGET for the minor costs associated with obtaining and sending official transcripts.

When submitting your request to your college’s Registrar’s or Academic Affair’s office for an official transcript, you MUST give them a copy of your completed transcript request form to be included in the envelope in which they send your transcript in! Transcripts submitted to the AADSAS must be accompanied with a matching transcript request form that details the applicant’s information. This helps AADSAS or TMDSAS correctly match each applicant’s transcript with their corresponding application. Please make sure your registrar knows this! All transcripts submitted to the AADSAS must be accompanied with a transcript request form (containing applicant’s information, ID, etc.).
Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 4.05.03 PM.pngTMDSAS transcript-matching form example. Not to be reproduced and used. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 3.36.19 PM.png
Update: I was able to snag a copy of the AADSAS transcript-matching form on June 1st when the AADSAS opened. You’re welcome.

This is almost verbatim to what I added to the end of my post on the general AADSAS application, but it needs to be repeated because it is so important. It can take up to six weeks for your transcripts and DAT scores to be processed. SIX WEEKS. If you submitted your application on June 1st, your transcripts and DAT scores might finally be processed mid-July. Hence, it is important to apply early AND submit your transcripts and DAT scores as soon as possible. You do not need to wait until your transcripts and DAT scores are processed before you can eSubmit your application. Once all components are sent in, AADSAS processes items on their own and forwards all application components to the schools when it is has been prepared. If your DAT scores are submitted late, AADSAS will send your application to your designated schools without the DAT scores and then forward an updated application to schools when your scores arrive to them.

When I inquired at a few dental schools, several of them actually told me that while they still read applications without all components of the application (since you should theoretically already have imported your classes and grades into the AADSAS application’s Education section and self-report your DAT scores as well), they will not invite you for an interview until your application is “completed,” meaning all official transcripts and DAT score reports have been forwarded to them by AADSAS.

*This post is sponsored by Colorado ASDA

~ Colleen

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